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[pricing title=”Remote Access Rate” button_name=”CONTACT” desc=”per 1/2 hour” button_url=”CONTACT” price_text=”$40″]Virus Removal

Adware Removal

Education in internet

Repairs and upgrades[/pricing]

[pricing title=”Onsite Rate” button_name=”CONTACT” desc=”price per hour” button_url=”CONTACT” price_text=”$125″]Virus Removal

Adware Removal

Onsite visits

Repairs and upgrades[/pricing]

[pricing title=”Store Repairs” button_name=”CONTACT” button_url=”CONTACT” price_text=”$90″ desc=”price per hour”]Virus Removal

Adware Removal

Education in internet

Repairs and upgrades[/pricing]

[pricing title=”Home and Office Networking” currency=”$” button_name=”CONTACT” button_url=”CONTACT” price_text=”Call us”]Virus Removal

Adware Removal

Education in internet

Repairs and upgrades[/pricing]

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At Access Technologies, we know that technology can sometimes be overwhelming. We want to make your experience with technology pleasant and easy, and your everyday use of technology safe and effortless. We have been serving Kentuckiana for 21 years. As technology changes, we want to help you keep up with the pace of it, through our personalized interaction whether in-store, on-site or through our secure Remote Support.

In order to accomplish our customers’ needs, please look at the full range of services that Access Technologies can provide to your home, small business, or on-the-go lifestyle.


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Additional Links

Maintenance Instructions

If we have worked on your computer or if you installed the free security software from our site, you may need instruction on how to use it. Click the link below to download the PDF version of our maintenance instructions.

If you need additional assistance, contact our office. One of our technicians is usually able to assist you using our Remote Support.

Maintenance Instruction

Remote Support Download

If you’re having trouble with your computer or need help figuring something out, give us a call! Using the link below, you can allow us to connect to your computer. Once connected we can instruct you on how to operate your computer or perform maintenance. The best part is, you can do it from anywhere! All you need is an internet connection and a phone (so that we can start the session.) We charge $40.00 per 1/2 hour of remote support service. Contact our office to get started.

If we have worked on your computer in the past, you may already have the remote support program on your system. Just look in the “Maintenance” folder on your desktop.

Don’t worry, no one can connect to your computer without your permission. You have to provide us with the unique id number and password which changes every time you use the program, and it has to be running in order for the connection to work.

Download Remote Support Here!

Free Security Software

Here at Access Technologies, we support the cause of free software. Others may recommend you buy expensive security programs that do little more than take over your computer. These are links to the free software that we use on all of our computers and recommend to all of our customers. We use these programs (and others) every day to help rid computer systems of unwanted software that can damage your computer and compromise your personal information.


Small form factor or tower

Intel Core i5

250 – 500 GB Hard Drive


8GB Memory

Linux distribution of choice or Windows 10

Libre Office


1 Year Parts Warranty

1 Months Free Remote Support

Add 17 inch Re-certified LCD Monitor for $39.00!
Pictures are a representation only, actual may vary.
$399.00 + Tax


  1. AMD QUAD Core A-10
  2. 500 Gb SSD Hard Drive
  3. DVDRW
  4. 8GB DDR4 Memory
  5. Windows 10 Professional 64 bit
  6. Multi- Monitor Support
  7. Keyboard/Mouse/Speakers
  8. On-board Sound/Video
  9. 2 Year Parts Warranty
  10. 1 Months Free Remote Support



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